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About Annaliisa Kapp

Annaliisa is a holistic nutritionist who helps busy individuals make sustainable and long term changes to their health. She offers programs that help them navigate through the confusing world of nutrition without promoting any particular diet but rather bio-individuality based on current stress levels, health goals, and life stage.

Annaliisa is passionate about teaching her clients how to make healthy eating more simple and delicious, while imparting a positive and empowering perspective shift around food that results in greater lifelong food flexibility. Annaliisa currently works with clients both privately and virtually offering online programs, as well as wellness workshops and retreats.

Annaliisa’s journey to becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist started a decade ago when she became a certified yoga instructor through Prana Yoga Collage, where she met likeminded individuals passionate about using whole food, mindfulness, and movement to restore the body into a state of wellbeing. After graduating with Honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Annaliisa has continued to build her knowledge and skills by completing Digestive Intensive program with Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama, and Hormonal Health with Lorene Sauro. Annaliisa has a special interest in working with stress related weight gain and digestive concerns like food sensitivities. You can find many resources and delicious recipe creations on her blog.

Annaliisa is a mother to two amazing girls and enjoys creating new recipes in the kitchen, hiking, yoga, running, and learning new ways to be the best version of herself.