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About Morgan Knull

I believe in a holistic collaboration that supports self-empowerment on one’s health journey.  To me this includes understanding fully the specific foods that can nourish the body, mind and spirit while working with other health care practitioners to support each clients highly individual needs. Every person is different and there is no “one and done” food regime or treatment that will suit each individual.  My goal is to make tools accessible to my clients which they can always call on in order to live their best and healthiest lives.

Having spent nearly four years working for one of the largest nutraceutical companies in North America, I have been exposed to some of the worlds most respected key opinion leaders in natural medicine.  I have consulted physicians and other health care practitioners to add value with their patient and client protocols by educating them on the most up to date research in the field. During this time, I developed a keen interest in genetics. It wasn’t until 2017 when I had my own genetics tested that I was able to improve my health drastically.  I had played the guessing game for decades, trying every new fad or latest miracle supplement available.  I then met a brilliant doctor.  Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed, ND, Creator of the GeneRX Report and a leader in genetic medicine, prescribed to me a specific protocol which included both supplements and foods that were supportive to my genetic make up – this protocol was the game changer. I have been mentored by Dr. Kendall-Reed since and it has been one of my greatest experiences in life.

The idea to create Feed Your Genes came from years of my own research, both inside and outside of the kitchen.  There are certain genetic predispositions that allow us to become extremely specific regarding the amount of protein, fat, and carbs an individual will respond best to.  The Feed Your Genes Program consists of recipes that I have compiled to create an individual meal plan based on a person’s genetics. When we meet, we will discover which genetic reporting system suits you best whether it be a more simplified approach with PureGenomics or an in-depth report with GeneRX.  I then create a personal genetic meal plan to implement in your home and always have as a base to return to. ‘Feeding your genes’ means eating the right types of foods, in the right portions, at the right time, and that is different for everyone. For clients who have not yet tested their genetics, I still welcome them to meet with me to discuss how we can empower them with the right foods and supplements.

My background is heavily based on research driven evidence and I enjoy staying up to date with the newest developments in natural medicine.  I regularly attend seminars and conferences while continuing to be mentored by Dr. Kendall-Reed, ND.  I also enjoy staying connected to many health care providers and healthy lifestyle advocates.

I am originally from B.C. and am naturally drawn to the beauty it holds both in the forest and by the ocean. My husband and I were married on a beach in Maui and love vacationing there whenever we can. We have a black lab named Reeses who just turned 11 and is referred to as the baby in our house. Our kitchen is always bubbling with the creation of new recipes.