Feed Your Genes

The idea to create Feed Your Genes came from years of research, both inside and outside of the kitchen. Today, it is common for people to adopt diets based on popular fads that may not be ideal for them as individuals.  Genetics research has now proven that there is not one perfect diet for all people.  Many are currently heavily invested in the ketogenic diet.  This is a diet that focuses primarily on the consumption of high fats to achieve ketosis and weight loss.  This diet does not work for everyone and there are countless stories of people losing weight initially, from removing carbs and sugar, then plateauing.  This is the result of not “feeding your genes” properly.  For example, depending on how you code for the dietary SNPs APOA2, FABP3 and FTO, you may need to lower your saturated fat intake to almost ¼ of that of the ketogenic diet.  Others have been told that a high protein diet will help them reduce body fat when in fact depending upon certain genetic factors this can increase subcutaneous fat and inflammation – have you ever seen gym buffs who look like they have a layer of inflammatory reddish fat on top of their muscles or on their face? They are eating too much protein! There are certain genetic predispositions that require us to become extremely specific regarding the amount of protein, fat, and carbs an individual will respond best to.  The Feed Your Genes Program consists of recipes that create an individual meal plan based on a person’s genetics. The results from a GeneRX report are used to create a personalized genetic meal plan to implement in your home and always have as a base to return to. ‘Feeding your genes’ means eating the right types of foods, in the right portions, at the right time, and that is different for everyone. The only one diet that works for everyone, is their genetic diet!  For those who have not yet tested their genetics, we encourage them to discuss it with their health care provider, trainer or to email us directly.