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Our treatments come from our expertise, wisdom and honed intuition, providing us the insight to ignite positive change in your wellbeing.

Chiropractic care focuses on helping eliminate physical aches and pains by helping you have proper movement throughout your spine and whole body. Treatments remove restrictions in the spine making you heal better, feel better, move better, and live better.

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Naturopathic medicine is a primary health care system that focuses on prevention and natural remedies in the promotion of health. The philosophy focuses on the underlying cause of disease and the stimulation of the body.

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One of the oldest healing modalities, acupuncture is about creating and improving circulation in specific areas to help the body repair and re-organize itself.

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Cold Laser Therapy is a very promising treatment for a broad range of medical conditions. Using red and infrared light it improves healing by over 400%. Substantially decreasing pain and inflammation, it is painless, effective and has no negative side effects.

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We never fully appreciate our feet until an issue arises. Whether you have pain or discomfort or trying to be proactive regarding the health of your feet, a full foot and gait evaluation can be beneficial. We look at the structure and shape of the foot, along with physical activities that you do, mileage, and if you spend standing, and what type of surface.

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Active Release Technique is a highly effective and very specific way of moving the muscles or soft tissues to remove scar tissue and tightness, giving fast and long lasting results.

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Service Fees

Chiropractic and Cold Laser

  • Chiropractic Initial Visit 115
  • Chiropractic Follow Up Visit 60
  • Chiropractic Initial Pediatric/Student Visit 80
  • Chiropractic Pediatric/Student Follow Up Visit 40
  • Cold Laser Initial Visit 115
  • Cold Laser Follow Up Visit with 1 Laser 70
  • Cold Laser Follow Up Visit with 2 Lasers 95
  • Chiropractic Follow Up & Cold Laser Therapy with 1 Laser 105
  • Chiropractic Follow Up & Cold Laser Therapy with 2 Lasers 125
  • Orthotic Gait Analysis 65
  • 15 Min Complimentary Consultation Free


  • Initial Naturopathic Visit 190
  • Follow Up Naturopathic Visit 95
  • Pediatric Initial Naturopathic Visit 135
  • Pediatric Naturopathic Follow Up Visit 75
  • Student Initial (11yr-18) 140
  • 23andME Genetic Analysis Call for prices
  • 15 Min Complimentary Consultation Free


  • Initial Acupuncture 135
  • Follow Up Acupuncture Visit 95
  • Cupping 50
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture 120/session
  • 15 Min Complimentary Consultation Free

Custom Orthotics

  • Footmaxx Orthotics 425

Please call for further fees such as ICBC, MSP premium assistance, etc.