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Dr. Suzanne Sacrey

To me chiropractic care is an essential part of overall health and wellness and I truly believe that a multi-disciplinary atmosphere provides a more comprehensive patient-focused care. I’ve just finished building and opening a new wellness centre and am building a team of practitioners that enjoy working as part of collaborative team in a multi-disciplinary centre. When practitioners work together to share knowledge, experience and expertise they get the best results for patients.

I fell in love with chiropractic from the moment I was introduced to it at the age of fifteen. Having experienced back and knee pain personally, I quickly realized the only medical solution for me was painkillers. In high school I participated in a work-education program where I got to work closely with a chiropractor and experienced treatment first hand. I was absolutely amazed that someone could so simply help people by just using their hands. My back and knee were completely healed with chiropractic treatment and I had found a career I was passionate it about.

With over 14 years of practice I am even more passionate today about chiropractic care as I’ve personally seen such incredible healing happen for so many people. I feel blessed to work in a profession that helps restore healing at the deepest level and proud to be able to bring this level of help to people of all ages.

I enjoy learning and stay up to date on the latest techniques chiropractic has to offer. I also like to stay connected to all things relating to a healthy lifestyle, particularly things that stretch our current understanding.

I am grateful for having a balanced, healthy lifestyle and appreciate spending quality time with family and friends. My wonderful husband and I are blessed with two very spirited and enthusiastic children who teach us just as much as we teach them. We love the West coast and the great outdoors of a playground that keeps us all very active.