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Genetic Analysis

Stop chasing health and start living life.

Your Genes are a blueprint to your specific health & lifestyle requirements. Dr. Ibby Omole, ND uses your raw genetic data collected by your 23andME DNA results to do a complete genetic analysis that includes over 100 lifestyle specific genes. This analysis will be broken down into a booklet to act as your own personalized health guide.

Genomic medicine is an area that looks at the interaction between our genetic makeup and our environment. As much as our diet and lifestyle affects genetic expression, so also do our genes affect our needs for nutrients and response to different substances we are exposed to. 23andme is a genetic testing that offers a look at variants in your DNA sequencing. These variants (SNPs) have been shown to affect such things as weight, responses to certain drugs, susceptibility to environmental toxins and risk of developing certain diseases. By analyzing the data from 23andme, you can gain better insight into how to optimize your health, look better, feel better and prevent disease.

Gene-based medicine is the key to…

  • Relieving pain & inflammation
  • Balancing hormones, fertility, menopause
  • Learning the exact amount of fats, proteins and carbs your body can handle
  • Stress & immune responses
  • Risk for depression/anxiety & emotional eating
  • Finding your vitamin & supplement requirements
  • Dairy & Gluten intolerance
  • Detoxing property
  • Weight-loss & maintaining a healthy weight
  • Optimal workout requirements
  • And much more!

Dr. Ibby can unlock the power of your DNA to create a personalized plan that will improve your health!